Zet Cross

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Zet Cross

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The Zet Cross is a sporty, stable and easy to maneuver kayak. Its long, wide rocker has been designed to move easily through waves and holes and boof beautifully even at low speeds. The flat hull and edges of the Cross make it highly responsive to its paddler. It accelerates quickly and holds i

Maintaining the strength, lightness and superior outfitting and features of other ZET kayaks, The Zet Cross also has several new and unique technological design features.

Drain plug, which can easily be replaced by any PET plastic bottle top should it get lost or broken.

Secure allen key holder behind the seat

Minimum number of bolts and holes in the kayak

Unique foam holder

Light and functional seat made from a ‘hybrid material’

Stable hull

Original and progressive design

2 year warranty

Design input from some of the world’s best paddlers

Length 272 cm
Width 67 cm
Volume 350 l
Cockpit 91 x 50 cm
Weight 21 kg
Weight Range 70-100 k

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