VE PRO Glass Cranked/Bent Carbon Paddle

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VE PRO Glass Cranked/Bent Carbon Paddle

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Pro Glass Blades on a Cranked Carbon Shaft

Light, strong, and powerful!

Made from 100% glass fibre which is pre-impregnated with toughened epoxy resin.

The blades are manufactured at a very high pressure to produce an extremely solid hard-wearing edge.

The cranked carbon shafts geometry allows the wrists to be in neutral alignment thus reducing fatigue; the carbon construction offers plenty of power transfer ideal for paddlers who want maximum performance.

Incorporated is a unique flattened oval section to increase grip.

With geometry that is extremely strong and 30% more glass than the market leader, you have the strongest most durable glass blade on the market.

A paddle you can trust wherever you are.

Weight at 190cm is only 1014g [+/- 3%]