We at desperate Measures understand that buying your first boat is always a daunting task

We therefore try and put some of the popular boats (when available) onto our demo fleet

If you would like to “demo” one of our boats give us a call on 0115 9816815 so we can check the calendar and see if its free

We charge a £25 fee, which if you keep the receipt and then purchase a boat from us (within 6 months), upon producing the receipts we will knock the value of the receipts of the cost of a boat

Boats can be collected 30mins after opening but must be returned to the shop 30 minutes before closing

Boats CANNOT be taken over night

Currently on our demo fleet

Pyranha Machno Medium (Custom)

Pyranha Jed Medium (Custom)

Pyranha 9RII Medium (Custom)

Pyranha 12R (Custom) – FOR SALE £900

Pyranha Fusion Medium (Custom)

Pyranha Ozone Medium (Custom) – FOR SALE £1100

Pyranha Scorch Medium (Smoking Gecko)

Valley Nordkapp RM – FOR SALE £900